The Major League Soccer 2021 is getting to its final stretch. After 20 gamedays, the 7 classified teams in each conference to the playoffs are begining to look clearer.


In this year’s edition, the post pandemic 2021 version, there has been some changes in the normal rules of the American soccer league. To begin with, the number of teams that classify to the Playoffs has been reduced. From the 18 clubs of last editions, now there will only be 14.


Both the East and West Conference will provide 7 teams to the Playoffs. The champions of each side will start the last phase in the semifinals, while the other 6 teams will start in the first round.


Currently, New England seem pretty confident to become champions of the East Conference, with a 14 points advantage after 21 games played. On the other side, Seattle Sounders are head of the West, but only with 1 point of advantage in 20 gameweeks played.


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