We are an international school of technification and high balance, organized to operate in different cities and countries in a solid, stable and efficient way. We focus on training footballers; creation of tournaments and sports events; recruit talents; overseas exhibition; tryouts in pro teams; advice academies; trips and exchanges; etc.

We provide the opportunity for kids and youngsters to prove their level, travel, know and enjoy from Colombia, Europe and the United States doing what they love: play football.

ESEI FC offers an interesting sports proposal in football, as a central part of our programs, offering an inclusive and personalized training to the soccer player, through current and innovative methodology and didactics for the development of our philosophy, monitoring the adaptation of our players, coaches, coordinators and managers. 


We have a program designed to give players the opportunity to train athletically and comprehensively with the real possibility of trying out in professional teams of Europe and the United States.

We develop our work through a philosophy that seeks to take training as a pedagogical process in every sense, strengthening all areas of the game.
We have a team trained to polish the technical talent of the player and be able to get the best out of each student, motivating them and accompanying them in each of the stages and categories within their training process.
We built a working group with trained teachers to transmit the passion for the game, the understanding, the tools and the knowledge to the players of the team so that they can solve game situations.
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